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  • Benefits of Cross-Training Your Horse

    Top human athletes often work on a rigorous cross-training schedule. Horses can benefit in the same ways. Learn about cross-training for horses today!

  • “Click” with your Horse: The Basics on Clicker Training

    Many of you have probably heard the term ‘clicker training,’ but do you know what it is? Learn more about horse clicker training today at Horseman’s Report!

  • Methods for Rehabilitation

    A lame horse is enough to chill any horseman’s heart. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help the healing process. Learn about equine rehabilitation today!

  • Rehabilitating the Injured Horse

    When an active horse gets injured, the diagnosis & treatment can vary from surgery to stall rest. Learn how to rehabilitate your injured horse today!

  • The Scoop on Joint Care

    The articular cartilage in your horse’s joints needs to be healthy for smooth, easy movement. Learn more about joint care for horses today!

  • Understanding Equine Joint Structure and Function

    When the term “soundness” is used for horses, it almost always means orthopedic soundness. Respiratory soundness is important too, but most people think of legs and joints first.

  • What Is Oxidative Stress?

    The oxidation of nutrients provides the energy a horse needs for normal muscle function. Learn more about oxidative stress in horses today!