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  • Farrier "Talk" - Understanding Horseshoeing Terminology

    Need to speak the language of your farrier? Whether you are a seasoned horseman or new to horse ownership, a refresher on farrier work and terminology is always helpful. Learn more about horse hoof care at Horseman’s Report today!

  • Hoof Anatomy: What Horse Hooves are Made of

    The hoof is broken into three different areas: the outside, underside and inside Read more to better understand the horse hoof structure and purposes.

  • Hoof Care, Inside and Out

    Nutrition is important to hoof condition, as a horse’s hooves contain over 90% protein. Learn more about natural horse hoof care at Horseman’s Report today!

  • Liniments or Poultices… What’s the Difference?

    Your horse finishes work & you want to provide some additional relief to his legs. What do you use? Learn more about horse liniments & poultices today!

  • The Barefoot vs. Shod Debate

    If you want to stir up an interesting conversation among horsemen, bring up the barefoot versus shod question. Learn more about horse shoes today!