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  • Fitness Tips for the Horseback Rider

    Riding requires a certain level of horse-rider coordination, symmetry, strength and endurance that can be enhanced through specific exercises to keep your body in motion.

  • Tips to Help Your Horse Cool Down After Exercise

    The warm-up and cool-down aspects of a ride are extremely important in helping your horse stay fit and sound. Horses need proper care after a hard workout to help with cool-down and recovery.

  • Poisonous Plants for Horses

    Poisonous plants are a concern for all horse owners, especially for those with horses who live out on pasture. Learn which toxic plants are poisonous for horses, how to recognize them and understand the symptoms they may cause.

  • Ways to Measure Fitness in Horses

    Many factors contribute to your horse's overall fitness. To understand the full picture of your horse’s fitness, you’ll need to look at elements beyond age, weight and soundness.

  • Dewormer Dilemma: Creating a Dewormer Program

    There are a number of dewormers on the market and it can be confusing to horse owners in knowing which one to buy and how they differ. So… how do you choose?

  • Something’s in the Air: Winter Barn Ventilation

    Barn ventilation is a crucial factor in maintaining a healthy environment for the wellbeing of the horses stabled inside. Barn ventilation tips inside!

  • On The Fence: Tips for Choosing Horse Fencing

    Choosing the type of fencing for your horse facility or barn is very important. Visit our Horseman’s Report to learn more about horse fencing today!

  • Tips for Making Your Horse's Stall Safe

    Since horses spend a lot of time in a stall, it’s your responsibility as owner to make sure your horse’s stall is as safe as possible.

  • Late Summer Concerns: Bots and Pasture Conundrums

    Horse owners constantly face concerns with their horse care management in fall, bot flies & pasture maintenance. Read the Horseman’s Report for tips today!

  • The Facts of Fecal Egg Count Exams

    The fecal egg count exam (FEC) can shine insight on the health of your horse & the effectiveness of your deworming program. Visit Horseman’s Report today!

  • Anatomy of Your Horse’s Skin

    Skin is a very important part of horse anatomy & health. Understanding the makeup of his skin is the first step to keeping it healthy. Learn more today!

  • Caring for Senior Horses

    Thanks to better nutrition, management & veterinary care, horses are living much longer. Let Horseman’s Report help you care for your senior horse!