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  • B-Kalm

    Help maintain a calm horse with B-Kalm horse calming paste. Check out the best calming paste for horses at Horse Health Products today!

  • Pine Tar

    Horse Health Products, Pine Tar, is a natural topical antiseptic for horse hoof care. Help your horse retain hoof moisture with our Pine Tar today!

  • Canine Red Cell

    Canine Red Cell – Vitamin, iron & mineral supplements for dogs. Visit Horse Health products today for the best dog supplements around!

  • Cool Pack Green Jelly liniment

    Cool Pack Green Jelly Liniment is one of the best veterinary liniment gels for horses. See our horse liniment products at Horse Health Products today!

  • Maxum Crumbles

    Formulated to provide vitamins, minerals, amino acids & electrolyte supplements for your horse. Learn more about Horse Health Products Maxum Crumbles today!

  • Povidone-Iodine Solution 10%

    Health Horse Products Povidone-iodine solution is a topical cleanser for skin &wounds on horses, cattle, dogs & cats. See our animal wound care products today!

  • Red Cell Pellets

    Red Cell Pellets - the high-performance results of Red Cell now in pellets! Learn more about our iron, vitamin, mineral supplements for horses today!

  • Reducine

    Reducine is a horse absorbent that aids in temporary relief from stiffness & soreness caused by daily exercise. Learn more at Horse Health Products today!

  • Vita B-12 Crumbles

    Vita B-12 Crumbles help with normal production of red blood cells. Learn what vitamin B-12 supplements can do for your horse today!

  • Vita B-1 Crumbles

    Vita B-1 Crumbles is a vitamin B-1 supplement for horses that are strenuously exercised. Learn what vitamin B-1 supplements can do for your horse today!