Shur Hoof Hoof Supplement

Specifically formulated to provide a complex suite of essential ingredients to support proper hoof health

  • Specially formulated to help prevent cracked hooves and weak walls
  • Helps grow strong, tough hooves
  • Contains 20 mg of biotin per ounce
  • Amino acids methionine and lysine are vital for growth and tissue
  • Palatable alfalfa pellets
  • Mixes easily with feed
  • 45-day supply


Many horses need a quality hoof supplement year-round, while others may only need supplementation during certain time periods, depending on the environment, feed changes or activity. In very dry weather, hooves can become brittle and cracked. Climates with high rainfall or snow and ice conditions may cause hoof walls to weaken as well. During these times, the horse should be given a quality hoof supplement with their daily diet. Performance horses or those ridden on hard or rocky ground may need supplemental help for their hooves as well. Horses with varying hoof issues, such as tender soles, brittle, cracked and crumbling hoof walls, may do well with prolonged supplementation.