Red Cell<sup>®</sup> Recovery Paste

Red Cell® Recovery Paste

Post-Event Muscle Recovery Paste

  • Horses recover faster!*
  • Aids in proper muscle function and repair with branch chain amino acids
  • Maintains and minimizes post-exercise muscle breakdown that occurs after intense training/competition
  • Supplies antioxidants that decrease oxidative stress associated with strenuous exercise
  • Replaces electrolytes lost through sweat
  • University tested!


"My 3-year old stud colt was worn out from being ridden so much preparing for his show, so I used the Red Cell® Recovery paste and WOW! He loved the taste! And he was perky again about an hour after being given the tube. It never caused high excitability in him and he placed Reserve in the 3-year old Studs & Geldings class, and Reserve Overall in the 3-year old Futurity! I am extremely happy! The Red Cell® Recovery paste is a HUGE hit and I’ll definitely be continuing to use this product moving forward!"†
- Jenns S., Farmington, AR